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Video I: an introduction, then a comparison with the twin-planet system Pluto and Sharon, clearly shows, the Educational Establishment fails totally to define the Earth-Moon system as a Twin-Planet. The motion-dynamics of all twin system are identical. The Earth-Moon system was disturbed.

Video 2: the Moon is slowing down the rotation of the Earth; and yet, the number of days in the year has increased. The Earth is moving away from the Sun.

Video 3: the Age of the Polar Sun – period missing from history.

Plato’s perfect description of Atlantis 12,000 years ago. How Africa was written out of history. Continental Drift Theory – a crime against science

To save space there are no references in these videos.

However, the book is fully referenced and far more detailed.

 The book is the foundation-knowledge upon which history

has taken place. The Model of History in place at present

 (Uniformitarianism) is not a foundation-knowledge. It is fraud – authority abuse.

It is the method used to prevent the re-discovery of real

historical events. Every attempt was made, not to stray too from the

history of the Earth-Moon System. For example, the Egyptian king at

the time of the Exodus, would not possibly be the Mummy said to be Ramses II.

Video 4: Earth moving away from the Sun – the real Biblical Exodus.

This was followed by the – Passover. The  Movement of the Continents occurred at this time.

The Unification of the Two Lands – fraud in Egyptology.

Video 5: the Moon came too close to Earth – the Great Flood. The rotational-axes changed. The wobble slowed down and stalled – the tilted axes. Wars: a scorched Earth – the Sahara Desert. New-variant species all over the world.

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