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This is a serious challenge to the accepted history in place at present.

Science must always update itself. We might even say Science will always update itself. However, there are some aspects of Science that cannot be up-dated from within the Educational Establishment. This could cause too much embarrassment. The idea of going where the evidence is leading is set aside - as a face saving exercise.


There are problems in several “Science” subjects, such as Geology, Anthropology, Egyptology, and Archaeology in general - especially Egyptology. Egyptology, or anything associated with it are so badly corrupted, it is highly recommended that the subject must be scrapped.


If Science is unable to up-date itself, there is a mental-block; and some subjects are treated as a political taboo. The Parent Body of the Educational Institutions practiced an extreme form of Moral Supremacy; while at the same time, much of its actions are Astoundingly Devious.


This is the Age-of-mass-information. There is a lot of previously unavailable knowledge in circulation. The “present” Educational Establishment, fails totally, to update some subjects -before being overtaken by – the Age of Mass-information. Now they will just have to observe helplessly while events unfold.


Every aspect of correct-knowledge will ultimately be absorbed into the System-of-Education; knowledge will always become the property of the Educational Institutions. However, when incorrect information became the property of the System-of-Education, this is Authority-abuse of the worst kind.


The System-of-Education, the Institutions, cannot admit to this; that is why the decision has been made to ignore some subjects that will cause too much fuss. For example, the “parent’ body of the Educational Establishment - brought the history of Christianity – 8,000 years forward in time. In every case, written work must reveal its source material. The Roman’s Bible is not exempt from this standard of literary ethics.


The false-science of Egyptology is manipulated to disguise the Egyptian-origin of Christianity. This subject is far too politically sensitive, and Academics – will simply not touch this topic. As a result, this “science” subject [Egyptology] will never be updated from within the System of Education.


This is a Political Time-bomb, and the Educational Institutions are not about to accuse its Parent-body of plagiarism. It is a crime not to state where the source material originates. And an even greater crime to attempt to destroy the source material.


The “Early” Educational Establishment was the Catholic Church. The system appears to be very conservative, and new ideas were frowned upon.  Ignorance was, thus, imposed on the Masses, and the Dictatorship placed the beginning of “Creation” at only 6,000 years ago. This was not caused by ignorance.


This was a deliberate attempt to remove from history, everything that happened before this 6,000 years. It can be nothing else. Clearly, this 6,000 years represents - a Landmark-in-history of Really Great Significance; and particularly more so, to the Biblical authors - the Romans.


To the Romans, this was a self-defining Landmark-in-history, but it was also a Self-centred action on extreme scale. It was not necessary to obliterated from the pages of history, events that occurred before 6,000 years ago. Since the edited version of the Bible was created, history was treated as the exclusive possession of the Romans.


The Early Educational Establishment, the Church, employed the very strict Laws of Sacrilege and Blasphemy to protect itself. Offenders against these laws were punished by being publically burnt alive. This was an extremely desperate attempt to keep their [the Roman’s] particular version-of-history in-place.


The Romans raided the Library of Alexandria - Egypt, and burned countless volumes of the history of Mankind. The same extreme Level-of-Vandalism was repeated; the Romans robbed and burned the Library of Constantinople.  That is, Christian Constantinople was attacked by “Christian” Rome.


The history of the World, and of Mankind, from that time on were in the hands of the Romans. The burning of the Two Greatest Libraries, of all time, was to ensure, only the Roman’s Version-of-history were in circulation. The contents of the Two Great Libraries are kept in Secret Libraries at the Vatican.


The Romans had to re-write history to have their version-of-history, alone, in place. The historical-title “The Exodus” and “The Passover” were re-used, to mean something entirely different. The Mass-Exodus until the “Promise-land” was reached, were based on historical facts. And also, those who survived the “Pass-over” where rightly regarded as the “Chosen Ones” – simply because everyone else were dead.


The real historical event, with the “titles” Exodus and Passover - described the Greatest Event of Mass-extinctions in the history of Mankind on Earth. This Historical Event – was massively disrespected, in a thoroughly disgraceful, and totally distasteful manner that would have caused it to be permanently forgotten.


With this level of devious activity, whether by accident or by design, some time after 1492 World-domination - the great prize – was achieved. The present System-of-Education was born out of this insane mind-set.


In the mid 1800s, the Lyell-Darwin era, there was an internal civil-war within the System-of-Education, or the University-Church. There was a Staged-Mutiny. A “System” within the System, seems to have over thrown the Old-consensus that God Created Man. The other, now “obviously” false-consensus of 6,000 years since Creation – was not updated, but modified, with what is called Deep-time – or billions of years.


This was not Science up-dating itself. This was a necessary adjustment to the System to keep its deceptions in place, until a future adjustment became necessary. This adjustment was claimed to be in the name of “Science.”  This so-called “Science” was Uniformitarianism; the most catastrophic event in all history – by this method was written-out-of-history. This was the catastrophic movement of the continents.


Why is the Earth moving away from the Sun?  Questions such as this are usually placed on a Uniformitarian format that reach for answers over periods of billions years. If this was correct, the “early” Earth would be placed too close to the Sun – in 4.6 billion years.


Uniformitarianism is a model-of-history, elevated to a God-like, false-sacrosanct status by the Educational Establishment since the mid 1800s, the Lyell-Darwin ere. Every Modern Textbooks are contaminated with this Authority-abuse. This cannot be admitted by the Universities, because it will result in a total loss of face.


As children in the classroom, we were never told that the Earth is moving away from the Sun. This kind of knowledge would ultimately lead to other questions. A brief study of the history of the Educational Establishment will show – there is always resistance to advancing knowledge.


The evidence is: “Early Scientist” like Galileo needed to fear the reaction of the Authorities [the Church] for putting forward “different” ideas. After fierce resistance - from the Church, Galileo’s new-ideas are now regarded as Science-facts.


Likewise, the Continental Drift Theory, by Alfred Wegner. Wegner observed the matching coastlines between West Africa and South America, which fits like a jig-saw puzzle. Wenger’s idea was that the continents were once joined, but later drifted apart.


Wegner encountered fierce resistance and he was ridiculed. After his death the theory was forgotten. The evidence would not simply go away to make the Educational Establishment feel good. The Educational Establishment did not capitulate, but found a way to include a very limited amount of actual facts.


Resistance and ridicule are the established pattern of behaviour coming from within the Educational Establishment, followed by shameful acceptance. If this were the behaviour of an individual, it would be classed as shameful, disgraceful and embarrassing.


The highly respected Educational Establishment has a sub-strata that is rotten to the core – it is a System within the System. The movements of the continents are now rightly regarded as a cast iron fact. Movement of the continents are now regarded as the Greatest Geological Discovery of all times. The “rotten core” within the system - placed the Continental Drift Theory over a period of 250 million years. 


However, this was only a partial-acceptance. The System maintains a grip on this Geological feature, in order to manage the amount of history that is allowed to be disclosed.  The timing, and dating are the restrictions placed on the movements of the continents.


The same “Rotten core” within the Educational-system, long ago, wrote of an “Exodus” and a “Passover” in the history of Ancient Egypt.


There is a link between the movements of the continents, and the two historical events called the Exodus and the Passover. The movements of the continents happened during the Exodus. The Passover was the exact time of the movements of the continents.


The question: Why is the Earth moving away from the Sun? There is already a Scientific Consensus in place. There is a Scientific-consensus that the Moon is moving away from Earth. The Moon is moving away from Earth because the Moon is orbiting too fast to fall to Earth.


The same inferences must be drawn for Earth moving away from the Sun. Earth is traveling too fast to be pulled in towards the Sun. Because the “Early Church” (Educational Establishment) did not supply correct information, all points of references were lost from that time on. 


Geologists do not have the slightest clue about what actually caused the Earth’s crust to shatter. The crust must be shattered before – movement of the continents. With this total lack of knowledge in the Continental Drift Theory, the crust then began to “some how” drift apart. Only a body from outside of the Earth, the Moon, passing too close to Earth could cause the Earth’s crust to shatter.


The orbit speed of the Earth was massively accelerated. This caused the Earth to escape its previous orbit – closer to the Sun. This event of the Earth moving away from its previous orbit was called the - Exodus. At first, this was a massive acceleration, today, it is seen as Earth gradually receding.


This acceleration of the Earth happened so recently - the energy of this new-movement of the Earth is still not spent. This leads to the question of – why is the Earth moving away from the Sun – and is till receding. The answer is: because the acceleration happened more recently – 12,000 years ago.


The Moon would be pulled along by Earth’s gravity, and must, very soon go pass Earth. From a point of view on Earth, the Moon “Passover.” The close passing of the Moon - must result in tidal destruction of the Earth’s continents – in an instant. This displacement of the continents is “officially” called by two names - the “Continental-Drift Theory”- its other name is Plate Tectonics.


There is a difference between movements of the continents - and the Continental Drift Theory. Movement of the continents is the actual fact. The Continental Drift Theory - includes a Political-input, and a dishonest imposition of its own timescale – based on Authority-abuse.


Before the movement of the continents, Africa was an island encompassing, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Turkey, Ancient Iran, Ancient Arabia, Ancient Persia, and Ancient India. The Continental Drift Theory over 250 million years is the method used to write Africa out of history.


The Greatest Authority on Earth - over the last 500 years – are the Greatest-abusers in recorded history. This is the reason why this subject will never addressed by the Church or the Universities.


This is a direct challenge to the Academic World to refute the effect of gravity described here.  Last updated 27 July 2016.

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