Secret History of Twin Planet Earth - the foundation book.
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  Secret History of Twin Planet Earth: the first of four related books.

     All based on the solid foundation of real observations.


"A Masterpiece of Deductive Reasoning"

Reviewed by MalagaBay.

Secret History of Twin Planet Earth


Errol Hawkins. 

ISBN 978-0-9571018-1-4

Second Edition

 The title relates to the Twin Planet nature of the Earth and the Moon.

The evidence based on a compilation of Scientific Consensus. 

It reveals the conclusions were predictable and unavoidable; 

but crucially they agree with the observable evidence. 

The official history does not.



                                            THIS BOOK IS A SERIOUS CHALLENGE TO THE ACCEPTED HISTORY IN PLACE. 

                         Something else now occupies the space where the history of the Earth and of Mankind should be.         


Secret History of Twin Planet Earth - is the only foundation book with new evidence

 for further understanding of the history of the Earth and of Mankind.

 The accepted history of Earth differs greatly from the observable evidence.


The main purpose of this book is to challenge the accepted history of Earth, and of mankind, by placing observational evidence that must lead to an alternative conclusion, if these observations were respected. It is with 100% certainty, the history in place at present will soon be replaced. The sooner the better. Only an overwhelming body of ‘new evidence’ can cause this effect. And only the Educational Institutions can validate theses changes. 


Unlike other books of this kind, Secret History of Twin Planet Earth is an open letter, to both the General Public, and the Educational Institutions. With increased public awareness, the Educational Institutions will be forced to review, then replace the ‘thing’ that is occupying the place where history should be.


With the depth of knowledge available in the Educational Institutions, it is certain that a great many individuals are fully aware that the system is very wrong. However, this knowledge needs to be in the hands of the general public. The evidence is, after 150 years, the imposter, posing as the history of Earth and of Mankind, there is no pressure forcing an up-date of the system. And there is no intention to dispose of it.


                                               The history in place at present should never be there in the first place.

In the mid 1800’s, a Powerful Group of  "Scientists" infiltrated the Educational Institutions, and eventually took over the entire system. From that time on, a new “model of education” then spread over the entire globe, and became the norm. 
This small clique of Scientists displaced the knowledge accumulated over the centuries, by countless generations, and replaced it with a system of their own. This system is based entirely on deception. This system, is supported only by authority-abuse, and it is still in place at present.
The Rogue-Scientists put in place a system called Uniformitarianism. The word ‘Uniformitarian’ is not mentioned outside of Academic-circles, and as a result is not known to the General Public. Academics who made use of this “model of education” are politically committed to the system; therefore, the system is never publically condemned.

Secret History of Twin Planet Earth is a well-illustrated book for easy understanding and clarity. Its a step-by-step guide through the evidence, which forms the history of Earth, and the history of Mankind and civilization.


However, the official observational evidence is incomplete – about 40% are missing. Much of the crucial evidence were deliberately excluded in the mid 1800’s. Therefore, some questions and observations were avoided since then, and are still missing.


Examples of which are: from the North Pole, going south, through Europe to the Equator, there is a gradient INCREASE of external melanin (skin, fur and hair color) in all life forms.


From the Equator, going south to the South Pole, there is no melanin gradient. Melanin is the Biological Signature of Sunlight - in only one hemisphere – the Southern Hemisphere. There is far more melanin in the Southern Hemisphere than in the Northern Hemisphere.


Also, the Ice Cap during the ‘last’ Ice Age covered only Northern USA, Canada and Northern Europe; ice is evidence of cold or lack of heat – Sunlight. If we respect ourselves enough, by accepting what we observe as real, this points to a totally different orientation of the Earth rotational axes during the “last” Ice Age only 7,000 years ago.


These are just a few examples of the joined-up observational evidence, but officially missing – they leave gaps. But these are minor compared to all the observations that are also officially missing.


Also, the density of the Earth is out of sequence with all the other planets in the Solar System; Earth is denser than the planet Mercury - the closest planet to the Sun. The density of the planets decrease, the further away from the Sun. However, this anomaly of the Earth's density is excluded from lessons in the class room, because it leads to a set of uncomfortable questions.


The evidence is: Earth was not formed in its present orbit location, but was displaced into the present orbit location. The movements of the Earth and the Moon – is not the expected movements of a Twin Planet System. The Moon is moving away from Earth; something caused the Moon to be traveling too fast.


The rotational motion of a Twin-Planet-System is: the orbit of the smaller of the twin maintains an equal distance from the Sun, by orbiting the larger-twin vertically. One Pole of the larger of the Twin-Planets is “fixed” facing the Sun. For example, Pluto and its moon Charon are a perfect example of the “Ice Age” movement of the Earth.


These are just a few examples of this kind of undisputed – joined-up observational evidence that are officially missing.


All the above, are known to the Educational Establishment, and the fact that they are missing is a source of continued embarrassment. However, if the Educational Institutions include these missing in-your-face observational evidence, it would totally destroy the history - in place. There is a whole missing chapter in the history of the Earth and Mankind. The official history is protected only by authority-abuse. You will instantly increase your understand, read - Secret History of Twin Planet Earth.                                                                                          

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There was a sudden up surge of interest in Secret History of Twin Planet Earth, most probably because of a recent 5 star review. This came as a complete surprise. 

The review is by one of the world's most highly respected authority.

Secret history of Twin Planet Earth - is no longer distributed by Trafford Publishing. Every effort is made to get rid of the image and the description of the book associated with Trafford Publishing.

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